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Welcome to our online Quran academy, where enlightenment meets accessibility. Our courses are designed to empower you with the teachings of the Quran, all from the comfort of your home. Join our community of learners and discover the beauty of Quranic wisdom with expert guidance

Empowering Faith Through Education: Join Our Online Quran Academy.

Connecting Hearts and Minds: Welcome to Our Online Quran Academy.

Enrich your life with the timeless wisdom of the Quran through our online academy. With a flexible learning environment, qualified instructors, and a commitment to excellence, we make Quranic education accessible to all. Begin your educational journey with us and experience a deeper connection with the Quran.

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We Provide Professional and Expert Instructor

Choose us for your Quranic education because we are dedicated to your spiritual growth and Quranic mastery. With a team of experienced instructors, interactive learning methods, and a commitment to excellence, we offer a transformative journey that goes beyond recitation. Join our academy to embrace the Quran’s profound wisdom, foster a strong connection with the Divine, and become a confident and knowledgeable reader of the Holy Quran. Your path to enlightenment begins here.

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Click On Register Online

Simply click on “Register Online” and a tab for online registration will open.


Pick a Tim On Time for free trails

Select your available time to start free trails to learn more and more about our expertise.


Embark On this Holy Journey with your 1st Class:

Upon receiving your request for registration, we will get in touch with you to set a time as to when can you take your free trial class. In addition, we will guide you about our Quran teaching process and tell you a little bit about our organization.

Norani Qaida


Basic Norani Qaida

Unlock the secrets of Quranic reading with our Norani Qaida lessons.


Quran Nazra and Hifz

Begin with Quran Nazra: Where your spiritually rewarding Hifz journey begins.


Namaz and Kalimas

Discover the beauty and significance of Namaz through expert guidance. 


Quran Tajweed Course

Transform your Quranic reading into a soul-soothing experience with our Tajweed course.

Why Choose Us

 With us, you’ll not only perfect your Quranic recitation but also deepen your spiritual connection. Join our academy and embark on a path of growth, knowledge, and profound understanding of the Quran. Your Quranic excellence begins with us.

Qualified Expert

Our academy boasts a team of seasoned Quranic educators who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide your journey.

Flexible Schedule

With our flexible class timings, you can conveniently choose when to attend, accommodating your busy lifestyle and time zone.

Supportive Community

Become part of a nurturing and inclusive learning community, where you can connect with fellow learners and grow together.

Interactive Learning

Engage in dynamic and interactive lessons designed to make Quranic education enjoyable and effective, ensuring you retain what you learn.

Proven Success:

Benefit from the stories of our satisfied students who have excelled in their Quranic studies through our guidance and expertise.

Experienced Instructors

Join us in our genuine passion for Quranic education, and let us guide you on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and Quranic mastery.

Tailored Excellence

Access a well-structured curriculum that caters to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced, ensuring a customized learning experience.

Diverse Services

Explore a wide range of Quranic courses, including Nazra, Hifz, Tajweed, and more, all under one roof with our expert.

Transparent Pricing

Our clear and transparent pricing structure ensures you know exactly what to expect, with no hidden fees or surprises. Let's join our academy now. Enroll now!

Our Mission

At Amna Online Quran Academy, our mission is to provide a comprehensive and accessible online platform for individuals of diverse backgrounds to explore and connect with the profound teachings of the Quran. We leverage cutting-edge technology to foster spiritual growth, inclusivity, and a lifelong love for Quranic knowledge. Through our dedication to building a global community of learners, we aim to illuminate hearts and minds, nurturing deep connections and understanding, while embracing the transformative power of the Quran in the digital age.

Our Vision

Our vision at Amna Online Quran  Academy is to be the leading global platform for Quranic education, serving as a beacon of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. We aspire to empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to embrace the Quran’s timeless wisdom, fostering a world where understanding, compassion, and unity are inspired by its teachings. Through innovative technology, expert guidance, and a commitment to inclusivity, we envision a future where the Quran’s profound impact reaches every corner of the world, enriching lives and building bridges of understanding among diverse communities.

What Our Students Say About Us

As a working professional, I appreciate the flexibility of the class timings and the ease of joining the online sessions. The academy's curriculum is comprehensive, covering both Quranic recitation and understanding. The occasional group discussions and peer interactions add a nice touch to the learning experience.
Omar A
The online Quran academy has been a convenient option for me to improve my Quranic reading and memorization skills. The teachers are dedicated and have helped me progress steadily. However, I would appreciate it if there were more opportunities for Quranic memorization challenges and competitions to motivate students.
Aisha B
This online Quran academy has been a true blessing for me and my family. My children and I have been taking lessons here for months, and our progress has been remarkable. The instructors are friendly and skilled at working with kids. It has become a meaningful part of our daily routine. I always suggest other to join this leading academy.
Hassan M

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 Join our academy and embark on a path of growth, knowledge, and profound understanding of the Quran. Your Quranic excellence begins with us.

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